About Jacqueline Seeno Homes

Jacqueline (Jackie) Seeno is the Owner and President of Cyrus Land Investments, LLC and Jacqueline M. Seeno Construction Co., Inc. (JMSCO). Born and raised in Pittsburg, California, Jackie grew up watching her grandfather, father and brother’s passion for land development and homebuilding. These early beginnings instilled within her an appreciation and respect for the land, homebuilding and building trades. With a family tradition and legacy of homebuilding that began with her grandfather in 1938, Jackie believes that in some way, every person is a builder and has a role to play in creating and building their future. Springing from the core belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to attain the American dream of home ownership, she and her team strive to build homes with quality craftsmanship using local trades that reflect thoughtful attention to details, are designed to suit multi-generational living, offer flexible home-work spaces and are inspired by elements of attainable luxury.

Prior to homebuilding, Jackie lived in New York City where she earned her Master of Science from Columbia University and practiced as a clinician in the South Bronx. She later co-founded a private mental health practice in Manhattan where she practiced until her relocation back to the Bay Area. Passionate and purposefully committed to serving her community and those in her sphere of influence, serving others is a core value that forms the foundation and infrastructure of each of her endeavors. Jackie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University, Chico and Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in the City of New York and holds a State of California General Contractors License.

About the Website Infographic

This infographic was created in remembrance of Sara Smylie, Jackie’s grandmother. Reminiscent of Sara’s wedding ring, this infographic represents the faith, love and legacy that was imparted through Sara’s life. Expressly designed to be a continuous pattern featured throughout this website, this too is representative of Sara’s impactful legacy that continues to resonate in Jackie’s life and work.

Being of Sicilian heritage, the infographic additionally represents the wheel of a Sicilian cart, signifying humble beginnings, love for the land and the enduring vibrancy of her cultural heritage. Further emblematic of the stained glass window of the church Jackie attended with her family as a child, it is also a reminder of the roots of faith that have become the navigating compass and beacon that comprise the whole of Jackie’s life.