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Customer Care FAQs

  • Pipe Rupture (Gas & Water).
  • Complete electrical failure.
  • No heat.
  • Sewer blockage, up to 30 days after Walk-Through if due to construction debris.

If your safety is in danger, contact 911.

You will want to contact PG&E immediately at 1-800-743-5000 if you smell gas.

If the leak is major and causing severe secondary damage, you will want to go to the water main commonly found near the front hose bibb. Your irrigation may be running off this main water line as well so you will want to make sure and turn off the valve that is directly on the main line and not the one running off to the side. Then call our office immediately and we will dispatch a plumber. If the leak is small and is located under a sink or at a toilet, you can shut the water off to that plumbing fixture by shutting off the valve located at the water lines running to that fixture. Then, contact our office in writing and we will send a service request to a plumber.

You have a One-Year Fit & Finish Warranty for the basic components and manufactured products in your home. You are given a copy of this warranty during your purchasing process. Your warranty period starts from the day that you close escrow.

Cosmetic items may only be covered if noted at your walk-through orientation, as it states on the walk-through paperwork. You can also refer to your One-Year Limited Fit & Finish Warranty to get further clarification on what may be considered cosmetic items as well as other exclusions.

No. Unless outside temperatures exceed 100 degrees, or you have an individual living in the home that has health problems with which they cannot withstand heat. Make sure to always check your A/C return for a clogged filter. In many cases, this can cause the system to overheat, which in turn, causes the system not to operate properly.

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